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Hello! My name is Lynn and I started Carry On Web to be part of making a difference in shaping your online business presence and catering to the needs of your users.
Whether you need a new website or an existing website redesigned, Carry On Web is here to design, develop and maintain web solutions for you.
More people are involved in maintaining their own content.  WordPress is a popular CMS with an easy to use user-interface.
Carry On Web does not just develop a customized WordPress website ready for launch and walk away. I believe client training and hand-off is important in developing a long-term relationship.
While you are taking care of business, let me carry on with your website for you.
I value my flexible working lifestyle approach allowing inspiration to strike anywhere anytime.
Consumed in coding one day, exchanging ideas with clients or being creative and designing graphics for another. Designing and developing websites allows me to constantly evolve my passion and skills and be tested when unpredictable bugs happen.  I am also a keen rower.  No shortage of water sports living on this beautiful Island.

My international portfolio of websites includes the UK, Ireland, Canada and Cyprus.



Have questions?  Complete this form or if you would like to chat on WhatsApp/phone you can reach me at +44 07391 284083